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FlightDeck EPUB QA Tool

FlightDeck delivers clear, actionable information to get your EPUB 2 and EPUB 3 files ready for sale. From validation and best practices, to retailer-specific information and metadata editing, FlightDeck reduces your Quality Assurance workload and helps you fix file issues quickly.




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Your eBook needs an Architect

Authors and publishers who are embracing electronic publishing are usually overwhelmed with the number of eBook formats and publishing options available. Creating beautiful eBooks can become a major undertaking that diverts time and energy from other important areas.

eBook Architects is committed to making the eBook creation and publication process easy and affordable.

Whether you are looking for eBook development, formatting advice, customized eBook process development, or consulting, we can assist you with all of your eBook-related needs.

Architectural project with pencil and rules

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eBook Architects offers a variety of services to authors and publishers. Want the quick rundown of what we do and how we can help you? See our overview page for more information or to watch a quick video overview.


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Enhanced eBooks

We are very experienced in the creation of enhancements for eBooks. Whether you need animations in your children’s eBook, embedded video or audio, custom JavaScript, or a complex widget, we can help.


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Give us your toughest projects!

eBook Architects specializes in handling the most complex, non-standard projects on the market. If you think your book is too complex to become an eBook, let us take a look at it. With some ingenuity and a solid understanding of the eBook platforms, we can develop eBooks from the most difficult titles out there.